Unique crosses are individually created from Texas limestone and sandstone. Colors vary based on native Texas stone found in West Texas.

Lone Stars & Longhorns

We also feature the Lone Star from Texas Stone, as well as a variety of Longhorns.

Custom Designs

We can customize designs! The Ichtus we have has been used to indicate an outdoorsman and his dedication to his faith.

A favorite design is the "State of Texas" which has been set in the stone work of homes, patios, garages and entry ways of homes.

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FOR CUSTOM ORDERS CALL: (254) 631-7007

Cross Sizes

4" Cross
5" Cross
6" Cross

Shipping | $12

Colors are as precise as we can photograph, however, there may be some variance.

All products are guaranteed, but shipping is not refunded.

3D Cross
White 3D Cross
Red in White Celtic Cross
Gray in White Celtic Cross
Brown in Brown Celtic Cross
Brown in White Cross
Gray in White Cross

White in Gray Cross
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